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Collaborative knowledge sharing the way out of the Crisis?

Collaborative knowledge sharing the way out of the Crisis?

Knowledge Management, Knowledge sharing, Working together ... is even more difficult in times where people are concerned about their job security.
The paradox of not sharing knowledge because of job protection is that it often decreases job security.  One reason is that the "knowledge protector" often receives less new knowledge as well while collegues try to work around the "missing" knowledge. This does not mean that a company should throw all its IP on the intranet!

Best practices, knowledge bases, forums, ... all should be stimulated AND moderated (incentives & censorship).

Collaboration often involves working on the same documents. However, these "same" documents become quite different as people start working on different versions. Just see what happens when you and your collegues start with one MSWord document, each working on different parts.
The best way is to have a centralised system that allows people to work on paragraph-level of a document. These systems should also allow you to define your standard documents. The usage of standard documents allows you to separate the content work from the layout work.
  • Example : Why should a fiscal specialist be bothered with the layout of his newsletter? Give him a template where he can only enter the text and figures and let the communication department be responsible for the layout.
  • Example 2: Several members of the sales team need to work on the same offer. Why wouldn't they work togther on the same document and keep always a hollistic view?
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