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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Sundari-Experts' mission statement: "Increase Experts’ production of Expert Outcome".

Everybody is an expert at hers or his level. Therefore, the majority of tasks that anyone performs should be at or slightly above level of hers/his current expertise and expressed growth path.
If you "ASSuME" the expectations, you will probably end up with a very stressed, underperforming mindset.


Advantages of our approach : personal growth, stress reduction by balancing  the “basic” stuff with the challenging tasks, increased motivation, better communication. Final outcome : happy people. The employees' work is better appreciated, the bosses' bottom-line improves.


In an organisation, everybody rises to his/her level of incompetence.


  • Personal Growth : Guiding your knowledge workers to achieve better than THEY expect themselves.
  • Reduce Stress : Stress can have many causes. The two major elements that cause stress are expectations that are each others opposite but can be present at the same time. Expectations can be either too challenging or not challenging enough. Each of them can be "spidered" towards a positive growth path or lead to a downwards spiral.
  • Increase Motivation :
  • Increase Communication :


Sundari-Experts focusses on Information workers. The uncontrolled growth of un-sollicited, duplicate, (mis)leading information increases the mental energy needed to distil the "real" information from all the raw material.