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Reducing Datacenter Burden

Reducing Datacenter Burden

Data Centre Consolidation Projects

Relocating your Data Centre is never a straight forward project. Therefore you are in many cases better of when you bring in a seasoned programme manager to assist you with the definition and careful alignment of the technical strategy with your business requirements. What elements should you never forget in your relocation contract? What is your Target Operating Model for DCIM ? How do you organise the actual move?

These and more are questions our Sundari-experts are happy to help you with.

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Reducing the Data Center burden

A consolidation or a split-up of your Data Centre? Need to move (part of) your data center?

Did you now there are many ways to reduce your OPEX through relocation your Data Center and still keep the flexibility of your own IT infrastructure?

We at Sundari-experts have the expertise to help you write the business case, to select your partners and we bring in the expertise to do a proper follow up of the selected partner.

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Procuring Power Efficiency

The Power Efficiency Programme

With the ecologic crisis, global warming and the like knocking on the door, we help organisations to get a better control of their electrical power usage. The easiest way to increase efficiency and thus to lower the TCO of electrical equipment, is to buy the right thing. Then if you use your equipent in an optimal way, you'll win twice: you do more with less!

Some easy things can be done to increase the efficiency of the IT equipement

Many manufacturers are subscribing to programms like 80plus for Efficient Power Supply Units for PC.


DCSM : Data Center Service Management

Are your Data Center procedures well integrated in your ITSM approach?
We at Sundari-Experts can guide you towards a better understanding of the important role of Data Center Service Management in the conception of all your IT related projects.